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 Fidelity US High Yield Fund0P0000.3,343.000-0.95%782.78B23/03 
 Fidelity US REIT Fund B UnHedged0P0000.3,263.000-1.36%733.84B23/03 
 Daiwa US-REIT Open Dividend 1 Month B UnHedged0P0000.2,849.000-1.25%546.29B23/03 
 Daiwa US REIT Fund Dividend 1 Month UnHedged0P0000.3,066.000-1.22%364.36B23/03 
 TMA Japanese Yen Asset Balance Fund Dividend 1 Mon0P0000.11,513.000-0.62%360.94B23/03 
 Nomura Fund Wrap Foreign Bond B0P0000.8,814.000-0.44%309.99B23/03 
 SMTAM J-REIT Research Open Dividend 1 Month0P0000.7,442.000-0.61%281.21B23/03 
 Nomura India Bond Fund Dividend 1 Month0P0000.7,936.000-0.60%214.62B23/03 
 Nikko Index Fund 2250P0000.5,654.000-4.53%198.13B23/03 
 MUKAM Global Healthcare & Biotechnology Fund0P0000.9,150.000-2.75%193.68B23/03 
 AMOne DIAM World REIT Index Fund Dividend 1 Month0P0000.3,502.000-1.35%177.08B23/03 
 DaiwaSB/SMBC Japan Bond0P0000.11,608.000+0.03%176.65B23/03 
 MUKAM MUFJ Prime Balance Stable Growth DC0P0000.19,403.000-1.63%175.52B23/03 
 Nomura Foreign Equity Index Fund MSCI-KOKUSAI DC0P0000.23,448.000-2.84%151.48B23/03 
 SMTAM Domestic Bond SMTB Selection SMA0P0000.10,863.000+0.25%147.46B23/03 
 AMOne Mizuho US High Yield Open B UnHedged0P0000.4,918.000-0.87%144.11B23/03 
 Nissay Nikkei 225 Index Fund0P0000.22,769.000-4.52%133.75B23/03 
 AMOne DIAM Foreign Equity Index Fund DC0P0000.32,240.000-2.84%124.7B23/03 
 SMAM High Growth India Mid-Cap Equity Fund0P0000.9,484.000-1.15%121.26B23/03 
 Daiwa Brazil Bond Open Dividend1MonthLP6200.5,838.000-1.77%118.47B23/03 
 Daiwa DC Foreign Bond Index0P0000.17,679.000-0.39%108.72B23/03 
 MUKAM MUFJ Prime Balance Growth DC0P0000.23,042.000-2.51%109.29B23/03 
 GS netWIN Internet Strategy B UnHedged0P0000.13,920.000-3.13%106.57B23/03 
 Nomura Asia Series Nomura India Focus0P0000.21,343.000-0.79%106.45B23/03 
 MUKAM MUFJ DC Domestic Bond Index Fund0P0000.13,042.000+0.10%104.24B23/03 
 SMAM India Bond Fund Dividend 1 Month0P0000.6,284.000-0.13%104.58B23/03 
 SMTAM DC Japan Bond Index Open S0P0000.12,522.000+0.10%102.94B23/03 
 AMOne DIAM Domestic Equity Index Fund DC0P0000.25,504.000-3.63%96.61B23/03 
 MUKAM MUFJ Index 225 Open0P0000.13,139.000-4.51%95.75B23/03 
 SMTAM DC Japan Equity Index Fund L0P0000.20,214.000-3.62%94.02B23/03 
 Sparx New International Blue Chip Japan Equity Fun0P0000.31,984.000-3.72%91.27B23/03 
 Daiwa Fund Wrap J-REIT Select0P0000.15,759.000-0.65%90.34B23/03 
 MUKAM MUFJ DC Domestic Equity Index Fund0P0000.20,885.000-3.61%87.19B23/03 
 Nomura Foreign Equity Index Managed Account0P0000.15,781.000-2.84%83.06B23/03 
 Nissay Foreign Equity Index Fund No Front/Differed0P0001.14,089.000-2.84%80.02B23/03 
 AMOne Shinko Brazil Bond Fund0P0000.2,370.000-1.62%79.22B23/03 
 Nissay/Putnam Income Open0P0000.6,695.000-0.39%73.22B23/03 
 SMTAM DC My Selection 500P0000.18,780.000-1.64%73.34B23/03 
 SMTAM J-REIT Fund0P0000.7,527.000-0.71%72.86B23/03 
 MUKAM MUFJ Prime Balance Stable DC0P0000.15,810.000-0.78%71.28B23/03 
 Nomura My Balance 50 DC0P0000.20,094.000-1.64%70.63B23/03 
 Daiwa DC Japan Stock Index0P0000.24,392.000-3.62%67.27B23/03 
 Nomura My Balance 70 DC0P0000.22,461.000-2.35%63.73B23/03 
 AMOne Mizuho J-REIT Fund0P0000.8,558.000-0.77%63.69B23/03 
 Daiwa Fund Wrap Foreign REIT Select0P0000.14,332.000-1.38%62.73B23/03 
 SMTAM SMT Global Equity Index Open0P0000.15,869.000-2.85%60.96B23/03 
 Fidelity Strategic Income Fund A Hedged0P0000.6,372.000+0.06%59.94B23/03 
 SMAM Japan Bond Index Fund0P0000.12,959.000+0.10%59.7B23/03 
 MUKAM MUFJ Hedged Foreign Bond Open0P0000.11,264.000+0.41%58.24B23/03 
 Daiwa DC Foreign Equity Index0P0000.31,659.000-2.84%58.04B23/03 
 Nikko 5 Continents Bond Fund Dividend 1 Month0P0000.8,110.000-0.42%57.51B23/03 
 DaiwaSB/SMBC US Stock0P0000.20,691.000-2.12%57.23B23/03 
 Saison Asset Builder Expert Fund0P0000.20,380.000-0.85%57.05B23/03 
 Nomura Domestic Bond Index Fund NOMURA-BPI DC0P0000.12,710.000+0.09%56.53B23/03 
 SMAM DC Foreign Bond Index Fund0P0000.19,060.000-0.43%55.22B23/03 
 SMAM 225 Open0P0000.17,550.000-4.53%55.54B23/03 
 MYAM New Growth Fund0P0000.32,046.000-3.64%54.91B23/03 
 SMAM Senior Life Open0P0000.10,080.000-3.32%54.35B23/03 
 GS netWIN Internet Strategy A Hedged0P0000.12,416.000-2.43%53B23/03 
 Nomura Domestic Equity Index Fund TOPIX DC0P0000.24,740.000-3.62%52.85B23/03 
 Daiwa Fund Wrap Foreign Bond Select Emerging Plus0P0000.12,356.000-0.60%50.68B23/03 
 Daiwa Brazilian Real Bond Open Dividend 1 Month0P0000.6,530.000-1.77%50.07B23/03 
 Shinkin 3 Assets Fund Dividend 1 Month0P0000.7,855.000-1.48%49.78B23/03 
 SMTAM DC My Selection 750P0000.21,182.000-2.51%47.86B23/03 
 Invesco Australia Bond Fund Dividend 1 Month0P0000.3,213.000-1.50%47.74B23/03 
 SMTAM DC Foreign Equity Index Fund L0P0000.30,418.000-2.85%47.58B23/03 
 SMTAM DC Japan Bond Index Fund L0P0000.12,606.000+0.10%47.2B23/03 
 MYAM Pan-Pacific Foreign Bond Open0P0000.5,788.000-0.70%46.38B23/03 
 AMOne DLIBJ Bond Open Mid-term0P0000.10,358.000+0.12%46.54B23/03 
 SMTAM DC Japan Bond Index Open P0P0000.12,709.000+0.10%46.5B23/03 
 GS Monthly Dividend Bond Fund0P0000.7,384.000-0.63%45.54B23/03 
 SMTAM Index Collection Balance Equity 300P0000.15,025.000-0.98%43.93B23/03 
 Daiwa Japan ExcellentLP6200.17,436.000-4.29%45.26B23/03 
 SMTAM DC My Selection 250P0000.16,186.000-0.86%43.09B23/03 
 Fidelity Global Fund0P0000.22,081.000-2.65%42.64B23/03 
 Nikko Japan Open0P0000.13,328.000-4.00%43.13B23/03 
 Nomura DC Foreign Equity Index Fund MSCI-KOKUSAI0P0000.14,800.000-2.84%41.34B23/03 
 Nomura Australian Dollar Bond Open Premium Dividen0P0000.6,884.000-0.09%41.43B23/03 
 Nikko Growing Venture Fund0P0000.49,319.000-3.37%40.78B23/03 
 MUKAM Next Generation US Representing Equity Fund0P0000.9,479.000-3.63%40.31B23/03 
 SMAM Corporate Bond Income UnHedged0P0000.7,832.000-0.29%39.9B23/03 
 SMAM DC Foreign Equity Index Fund S0P0000.25,481.000-2.85%39.92B23/03 
 Nikko DC Index Fund Japan Equity TOPIX0P0000.18,673.000-3.62%39.97B23/03 
 AMOne MHAM New Growth Equity Open0P0000.20,618.000-3.46%38.89B23/03 
 AMOne Mizuho US High Yield Open A Hedged0P0000.6,574.000-0.18%37.32B23/03 
 Nikko Index Fund Foreign Equity UnHedged DC0P0000.29,424.000-2.84%36.82B23/03 
 HSBC Brazil Bond Open Dividend 1 Month0P0000.5,028.000-1.55%36.98B23/03 
 Nikko Profit Return Growth Equity Open0P0000.17,998.000-3.93%34.98B23/03 
 JPM BRICS5 Fund0P0000.25,569.000-2.39%34.74B23/03 
 Fidelity Europe Mid/Small Cap Equity Open B UnHedg0P0000.28,011.000-2.40%34.05B23/03 
 Nomura My Balance 30 DC0P0000.17,605.000-1.00%34.02B23/03 
 Nomura Japan High Dividend Equity Fund0P0000.13,153.000-3.49%34.12B23/03 
 MUKAM India Bond Open Dividend 1 Month0P0000.8,760.000-0.59%32.98B23/03 
 Nomura Japan US REIT Fund Dividend 1 Month0P0000.7,570.000-1.11%32.33B23/03 
 Nomura World 6 Assets Diversified Fund Growth0P0000.12,221.000-2.39%32.65B23/03 
 Fidelity J-REIT Active Fund0P0000.10,012.000-0.79%32.72B23/03 
 Nikko World Asset 3 Way Fund Dividend 1 Month0P0000.8,144.000-1.43%32.21B23/03 
 DaiwaSB DC Foreign Equity Fund0P0000.35,979.000-2.74%31.78B23/03 
 Nomura Fund Wrap Japan Bond0P0000.10,512.000+0.11%31.8B23/03 
 Nomura High Yield Corporate Bond Open Dividned 1 M0P0000.6,151.000-0.81%30.6B23/03 
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